CrossCountry HSTs: Farewell Pack

CrossCountry HSTs: Farewell Pack

20th September 2023 2 By The GWRailfan

Hi, and thanks for downloading! This is my 6th “reskin” uploaded to ATS. I put that in quotation marks because it’s sort of half-reskin, half-patch.
This represents CrossCountry’s four Class 43 HST power cars which have been either repainted or named to celebrate the end of their service with CrossCountry.
This pack replaces my older “40th Anniversary Pack”, which contained 43184 and 43366 only.

– 43007 (ex 43207) in BR InterCity 125 livery
– 43008 (ex 43208) in BR InterCity Swallow livery
– 43184 (ex 43384) in BR InterCity Executive livery
– 43366 with it’s “HST 40” nameplate
– 12 Quick Drive consists

Kuju European Loco/Assets Pack (
AP Class 43 (MTU)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack (

MJW Class 43 Revamp Pack (

– 43184 has a small texturing bug – the number appears flipped where it shouldn’t be on one side. I did a poll in the ATS Facebook group asking whether people were bothered about this and the general response was no, so I hope you don’t mind too much.
– The text faces inwards instead of outwards on 43366’s nameplate. It’s very hard to notice unless you look very closely.

V1.0: Initial release

A huge thank you to andrewb for modelling 43366’s nameplate.

I hope you enjoy this pack!
The GWRailfan and Andrew 🙂