Class 350 (AP) Destinations Pack v1.1

Class 350 (AP) Destinations Pack v1.1

7th April 2019 6 By spongebot64

This is a texture fix for the passenger destination blinds on Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 350 Enhancement Pack. Included in this are TGPCDX files that replace the default ones for Central, FTPE & FTPE Grey, London Midland, LNWR & LNWR2, and TPE.

Please be aware that this is a work in progress, despite the way it looks. I have little reference for how the blinds display in real life (which fonts/abbreviations/number of lines) are used for which stations, therefore any recommendations are highly recommended. Plus, seeing there may be extra space for more stations, let me know what should be added, unless the current list is what is displayed in real life.



“Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo – Portsmouth”:

“Armstrong Powerhouse – Class 350 Enhancement Pack”: