Class 321 Network SouthEast

Class 321 Network SouthEast

1st July 2023 3 By Bodge It TMD

Version 1.1

Ah, finally something differe… oh no not again, haven’t you done these before as well?! Well… yes, but only the Silverlink ones… and that was ages ago… and they were very naff… because it was ages ago… Anyway…
We’ve done the whole lot this time. Properly. /3s for the GEML, /4s for the WCML, simple. Except it isn’t, there’s also /4s for the GEML… but no /3s for the WCML. Wouldn’t want things to make sense now, would we?
You’ve got Silverlink, GreatEastern and Great Eastern Railway (No we hadn’t heard of it either), PRE-PRIVATISATION! (Trains ran before 1996?!), thin stripe, oh lawd he comin’ thicc stripe, straight cant line, swoopy cant line, B I G first class, small first class, “Where even is first class?!” first class. Snazzy graphics for exotic places such as Northampton. There’s all sorts in here.

What’s new in v1.1?
– Original, high cant line colour corrected to red

What’s Included?
– Modified/corrected version of the default NSE textures with 2 main variants: NSE and Ex-NSE
– GEML and WCML sub-variant of each livery, with the appropriate decals and textures automatically applied
– Everything from introduction in 1988 up to the early 2000s has been covered
– Anglia Electrics, Great Eastern, and Northampton Line NSE route branding
– Silverlink, Great Eastern Railway, and First branding options
– Plenty of configurable details and livery variations
– All-new, automatic full unit numbering
– Improved tail light appearance

and more!

– AP: Class 321 Electric Multiple Unit Pack

– A detailed manual is included with the full pack details and instructions you need, this is a complex pack so please read it carefully!

– Clowes: Assistance throughout, creating loads of lovely, obscure decal vectors, research, texturing, testing.