[CH] 6B33 13:49 Theale Puma – Robeston Sidings

[CH] 6B33 13:49 Theale Puma – Robeston Sidings

17th September 2023 3 By 45596 Bahamas

Take DB liveried 60040 on empty oils along the South Wales Coast, you begin at Bristol Parkway after waiting for some time due to being pathed nearly half an hour early, from there, you will continue through Newport and Cardiff towards Port Talbot Parkway where another driver will be waiting to take over.


AP Signal EP
AP Sky Weather 2.0
AP BZA BAA wagon
AP Class 43 MTU EP
AP Class 60 Sound Pack
AP Class 66
AP Class 150/2
AP Class 158 EP (Cummins and Perkins)
AP class 170
AP Class 175 pack
AP class 800
AP TDA Wagon
ATS pride 800008 reskin
ATS 66 LED lights
ATS Class 150/2 Northern (Transport for Wales Destinations) by The GWRailfan
JT Class 60
BH reskins Class 60 pack
Oovee TEA Tanker
MJW 150/2 TFW
TS Community HOA Wagon https://www.trainsimcommunity.com/mods/c1-train-sim-classic/c87-models/i3516-hoa-wagon-pack-vol1

Non essential requirements:
MJW TfW 769 Reskin
Oovee MJA Wagon

Scenario length: 80 mins