(BL) 2J05 09:11 Leeds to Huddersfield (2002)

(BL) 2J05 09:11 Leeds to Huddersfield (2002)

20th January 2024 3 By LangtonPhotography

A 40 minute scenario featuring a stopping service between Leeds and Huddersfield in a regional railways liveried class 142 pacer in some lovely morning mist. Scenario set autumn 2002.


Armstrong Powerhouse:

Class 158 EP (Perkins & Cummins)
Class 156 multiple unit pack
Class 321 multiple unit pack
Class 142 multiple unit pack
Class 150/2 multiple unit packs
Sky & Weather EP
Cloud EP


WYTPE Class 321 reskin

Major Wales Design:

Class 143 revamp

BHreskins (Facebook group):

Class 333


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Scenario made by Bradley Langton / Langtonphotography