(BL) 1L09 06:50 Liverpool Lime Street to Norwich (2003)

(BL) 1L09 06:50 Liverpool Lime Street to Norwich (2003)

8th July 2023 3 By LangtonPhotography

A throwback to the Central Trains green days as you take a class 170 over the hills from Manchester to Nottingham via Sheffield on a lovely summer’s morning during 2003 with plenty of action along the way to keep you entertained. A 1Hr 55minute scenario for the Just Trains Midland mainline route.


Armstrong Powerhouse:

*Class 158 EP (both the Cummins and Perkins packs are recommended for this scenario)
Class 90/mk3 pack
*Class 56 pack
*Class 66 pack
*Class 43 HST EP (Valenta & VP185)
*Class 156 multiple unit pack
*Class 170 multiple unit pack
Class 175 multiple unit pack
*Class 142 multiple unit pack
*Class 150/2 & Class 150/1 multiple unit packs
Mk3 coaching stock pack
HHA, *MGR, *BAA/BZA, JXA/POA wagon packs
*Weather v2


PenninePacers Manchester Stations to Huddersfield route (for class 323)

Just trains:

*Class 60


Associated requirements for the 3rd party content

Major Wales Design:

WYTPE class 144 pack

* = Essential for the scenario to perform as it should


Copy the Content folder included within the zip, and paste it into your Railworks directory. This can be found via Steam -> Steamapps -> Common -> Railworks. Upon completion, you should be able to find this scenario under the standard tab within the game.

• This scenario was made utilising the June 2003 timetable from the Network rail working timetable archives.
• This scenario features a lot of AI, and the route itself is quite resource intensive so may not load straight away without crashing by OOM dumps on lower end computes. To prevent this, it is recommended to load TS, run a shorter scenario on a different route first, drive for about 15-20 minutes and then load this scenario. The scenario i used to help me was John dean’s fantastic “[RS] 313063/313049 – 2V92 18:28 London Kings Cross – Welwyn G.C (2017)” scenario, which i drove to Alexandra palace before loading my scenario.

Scenario made by Bradley Langton / Langtonphotography