2C20 09:59 Leeds-Knaresborough

2C20 09:59 Leeds-Knaresborough

31st October 2023 2 By stephen bell

In this scenario set in August 2008, you will drive a Northern Rail Class 142 from Leeds to Knaresborough. You will stop at all stops along the way.

You will need the following:

Class 91

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 142 V2
Class 150/2
Class 321
MK1 Coach Pack
Class 91/MK4 Enhancement Pack

On Track Simulations
Harrogate Loop Line

Just Trains
Voyager Advanced 2019

Bossman Games
Stanier 8F 2-8-0

Alan Thomson Sim
Class 185
WCRC Named Mk1 FO Coaches by Johnno 124
Class 322 – Northern (UB) By Clowes