2A68 1915 Alton to London Waterloo

2A68 1915 Alton to London Waterloo

3rd May 2023 7 By Adam Forsyth

Duration: 75 Minutes


You are the driver of an evening service from Alton to London Waterloo. Despite the Class 2 headcode, you are a semi-fast service today calling at all stations to Woking, then Surbiton, Wimbledon, Clapham and London Waterloo. Traction today consists of 3x Class 450 EMUs which should be plenty of capacity for today’s loadings. Enjoy 😊


Alan Thomson Simulation PDL Updated (latest version)

Armstrong Powerhouse 444/450 Enhancement Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse 455 Enhancement Pack Vol. 2
Armstrong Powerhouse 375/377 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse 700/707/717 Enhancement Pack

Semaphore Simulations SWR Class 444/450 Reskin Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse Sky and Weather Pack V2.0
Armstrong Powerhouse Signal Enhancement Pack

This scenario has been tested and functions as intended on my install however if you have any issues at all, please get in touch. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible