1R09- 06:30- Edinburgh- Glasgow Queen Street

1R09- 06:30- Edinburgh- Glasgow Queen Street

23rd May 2021 2 By CWilson4747

With delays to the new Class 385s Scotrail hired former Great Northern Class 365s to operate on the line
between Edinburgh and Glasgow Queen Street with 10 units brought up to Scotland operating in 8 car formations running on 4 diagrams daily with one spare set usually stabled at Eastfield Depot. However overnight some Class 365s stabled at the new facility for the Class 385s at the Millerhill EMU Yard. This is where you will pick up the scenario, you will start in Millerhill EMU Yard where you will set up your Class 365 before operating an ECS move from Millerhill to Edinburgh Waverley where you will form the 06:30 service from Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Queen Street calling at Haymarket, Linlithgow, Polmont, Falkirk High, Croy and Glasgow Queen Street. Traffic is light although there are a few early morning ECS moves as well as the early morning services to keep you entertained!

This scenario has been made possible thanks to the archived timetables on dpsimulation.org.uk/timetables.html as well as http://www.scot-rail.co.uk/page/HomePage for their accurate and precise timetables of Scotrail’s reliverying process meaning all the units in the scenario have the correct livery for the date of the scenario.

Date of the Scenario: June 2018

Length of the Scenario: 75 Minutes

Trains Used: 365537 & 365519

Network ScotEast (Alan Thomson Sim)

Rolling Stock:

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 365 EP
Class 170 EP
Class 158 Cummins EP
Class 156 Pack
Class 320/321 Pack
Class 43 MTU EP
Class 91 EP
Class 68 EP
Mk2D-F Coach Pack
Class 90 Freightliner Pack*

Alan Thomson Sim:
Class 365 – 365537 Daniel Edwards Cambridge Driver
Class 170 – British Transport Police (170407) V2.1
VTEC/LNER Intercity 125 Reskin Pack
VTEC/LNER Intercity 225 Reskin Pack
BH Class 390 Reskin Pack
Class 158 & 170 Scotrail Destination Pack V2.2
Class 380 Scotrail Destinations
Class 320/321/322 Scotrail Destinations
Class 156 TrainFX Update V2.

Vulcan Productions:
Abellio Scotrail Class 170 Pack
Abellio Scotrail Class 380 Reskin

Virgin Class 390 (Discontinued)
Scotrail Class 380 EMU

Abellio Scotrail Class 320 Reskin (https://www.uktrainsim.com/filelib-info.php?form_fileid=40098)

Class 220/221 Voyager Advanced

Additional Requirements:
Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Armstrong Powerhouse Track Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 220/221 (JT) – Updated Consists (Alan Thomson Sim)

Please note that all requirements listed above are required to run the scenario properly failure to have all the
requirements may result in a broken scenario.

Requirements with an * next to them are stationery stock only so are not essential in running the scenario.

The scenario will be available in the Network ScotEast section of scenarios under the name:
[CW]- 1R09- 06:30- Edinburgh- Glasgow Queen Street

This is V.2 of this scenario after V.1 of it was reported to have dumping issues upon loading, due to stationery
stock in both Haymarket and Craigentinny depots, to help this out the AI in both Haymarket and Craigentinny
are vastly reduced so it may not be 100% accurate to real life, however the scenario does now run!

Hope you enjoy the scenario!