(WJ) 2J14 07:23 Hampton Court to London Waterloo

(WJ) 2J14 07:23 Hampton Court to London Waterloo

1st November 2023 4 By WelshyJim

In this scenario you will be driving a pair of 455’s from Hampton Court to Waterloo on a morning service. No disruption has been reported, so you should have a nice smooth run to Waterloo.


Armstrong Powerhouse:
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0
Signal Enhancement Pack
Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancment Pack*
Class 375/377 Enhancment Pack*
Class 377/379/387 Enhancment Pack*
Class 444/450 Enhancment Pack*
Class 455 Enhancment Pack Vol. 2*

Alan Thomson Sim:
PDL (Updated) V 1.4 by YBZG*
Class 158/159 SWR-SWT Desinations patch by Chris Horsefield*

SWR 444-450 Reskin Pack 2.1 by AzeezSim*
SWR 158/159 Reskin Pack 2 by AzeezSim*

All requirments marked with a * require their own requirments

Special thanks goes to YBZG for the creating the route update and help with livery and route knowledge.

This scenario was created by WelshyJim