(BL) Edinburgh & Glasgow both ways (2024)

(BL) Edinburgh & Glasgow both ways (2024)

9th May 2024 0 By LangtonPhotography

I have been really enjoying this route recently so here are three more modern and mundane scenarios for the Network ScotEast route featuring two services each way over the Edinburgh & Glasgow (1R16 and 1R71) with class 385/1s and an extra scenario covering 1H25 diagram as far as Stirling with a 4 car HST set.


Armstrong Powerhouse:

*Class 156 multiple unit pack

*Class 158 (cummins) EP

*Class 390 sound pack

*Class 800 EP

*Class 43 HST (MTU) EP

*Class 170 EP

*Sky & Weather EP

Signal EP

Cloud EP


*Chris Horsfield ASR/FSR Class 158 and 170 pack

*Class 385 upgrade patch

*BH Reskins class 390 reskin pack (WCML South version)

CS Mark 5 pack

JamesIvell class 92 Caledonian sleeper reskin pack

Just trains


Major wales designs

*Scotrail HST reskin

 Suburban Glasgow

*Class 334 reskin pack


*Associated requirements for the 3rd party content

* – Recommended or Required for the scenario to work and perform as intended

Please see the included scenario manual for installation instructions and more scenario info, 

Scenario made by Bradley Langton / Langtonphotography