1Y28 17:18 London Liverpool Street-Ipswich (2018)

1Y28 17:18 London Liverpool Street-Ipswich (2018)

9th May 2024 1 By Cactus732

In the busy evening peak, Greater Anglia services depart Liverpool Street for points East at intervals of roughly 3 minutes. As this crazy period gets into full swing, you’re in charge of recently cascaded 321402 leading classmates 433 and 303 on the 17:18 to Ipswich.


Scenario Route: ATS GEMMA

Scenario Length: 1hr. 15min. 




AP Class 321 + ATS (Ivell) Greater Anglia Purple + ATS (Clowes) Renatus + Superalbs Greater Anglia New Branding

AP Class 317 Volume 1 + 2 

AP Class 375/379/387 EP

AP Class 66EP 

AP Class 68EP

AP Class 86EP

AP Mk3A Coaches


APW Class 315

APW GEML Class 90 + Train Sim Communnity (Ash992478) Greater Anglia Branding

DTG Class 378

DTG GEML + ATS (CLowes) NXEA/GA Class 360

JT Class 20 + Nuclear Flasks




AP SKy/weather Volume 2

AP Signal EP