Welsh Arriva Mk2s

Welsh Arriva Mk2s

10th September 2020 5 By Clowes

Much before the introduction of the WAG Express (both North Wales Commuter and Gerald Premier Service), Wales saw a fair share of loco hauled trains. 67s plyed their trade on North Wales services, 37s and 50s to the South and Valleys. Flickr yielded some interesting photos, showing a plethora of Mk2s not in the standard Arriva livery (such as is included with the AP Mk2D-F Pack). These feature differing logos, some with no yellow stripe, some with a thicker stripe. All have greener bodies, bluer doors and completely blue (well, teal/turquoise) coach ends.

What’s included?
ATW Mk2 TSO (No Stripe)

AP Mk2D-F Coach Pack

There’s a bit by one of the vents in white, not sure where that is on the texture. I tried!
Numbers are in the wrong place. None of the other Mk2 liveries had them in the correct place to utilise.

12-09-2020 1730 | Added the logo folder, completely forgot. Oops.
18-05-2024 2130 | Texture amends, compatibility with AP Tread Brake Update, plus (ho) variants.