2N23 08:37 Matlock-Nottingham

2N23 08:37 Matlock-Nottingham

10th September 2020 0 By Cactus732

At the back end of the morning peak you’ll be at the controls of 156498 for the full journey between Matlock and Nottingham calling at all stations except Spondon.

Scenario Length: 1hr 5 Minutes
Scenario Route: JT Midland Mainline, Sheffield-Derby, DNL, and Derwent Valley


AP Class 156 + Majorwales EMR Reskin
AP Class 158 Perkins EP + Majorwales EMR Reskin + Clowes (ATS) Ex-EMT Reskin
AP Class 170EP + VP Cross Country Variants
DTG Class 180 + Majorwales Revamp Pack
JT Meridian
JT Voyager + Leander (ATS) Updated Voyager Consists

Optional Statics

AP MTU HST EP + Clowes (ATS) EMT Angel Trains Pack
AP Class 37 Volume 1
AP Class 31 EP
AP MK2D-F Coaches
JT Class 153 + Majorwales EMR Reskin