The Full Belmond British Pullman Pack. V1.62

The Full Belmond British Pullman Pack. V1.62

12th March 2021 22 By Flyin9 Scotsman

This is my attempt to recreate the whole fleet of coaches used by Belmond for their prestigious British Pullman which is commonly found around south England – however has ventured elsewhere. It features the fleet of Pullman coaches with the correct names as well as the support coaches found on either end of them – including Generator Mk1 6313, BSK 99545 and Mk2 BSO 9502.
With this I have included an updated Support Coach for 35028 ‘Clan Line’ from Bossman Games, with the textures changed to fit more with the rake as well as the newer AP Sounds. With this there are versions of ‘Mercator’ and the Pullman 67’s 021 + 024 to match the stock better – as well as new 67’s in the latest livery (with a logo change).
Finally is a small inclusion of 35028 in her 2011 guise as 35017 ‘Belgian Marine’ along with 3 Quick Drive Consists including the full rake with either 35028/35017 or the Pullman 67’s.

The requirements for this is quite extensive, so I’ve split them into each part of this pack, they are as follows:

35017: Bossman Games Merchant Navy

Class 67: DTG EWS Class 67 + AP Class 67 Enhancement Pack

Mercator: Bossman Games Merchant Navy + AP Mk2A-C Coach Pack

Mk2 BSO 9502: AP Mk2D-F Coach Pack

Mk1 6313 & 99545: AP Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1

Pullmans: Matrix Trains Pullman Cars – BR Era Set 1 FIRST CLASS + AP Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1

After a while I’ve finally learnt batch file creating, so these are now included to make life easier, if one of them fails though please let me know – and if there are any issues overall then feel free to enquire and I will do my best to help!

With all that I hope it all goes smoothly and I hope you enjoy using the rake!

V1.10: Altered Texture on BSK as there was a slight inaccuracy.
V1.20: Edited Read Me to add a missing instruction that was stopping the Pullman’s loading.
V1.30: Made Altered 67 a seperate asset to avoid texture replacing problem.
V1.40: Roof texture on BG altered, BSK Texture altered, Quick Drive Consists Added.
V1.41:Edited Read Me to add a missing instruction that was causing a missing texture for ‘Mercator’.
V1.50: New Logo 67’s added, with QD’s to suit (Light Engine and T ‘n’ T the Pullmans).
V1.60: Added Batch Files to make the installation process easier.
V1.61: Fixed a .bat file as it couldn’t find the destination (Added an unnecessary Space Bar!)
V1.62: Made the Pullman’s have Air Brakes alongside the Mk1/2’s.