[MW] 2B13 Southampton-Lymington Pier (1987)

[MW] 2B13 Southampton-Lymington Pier (1987)

12th March 2021 5 By MWillis

2B13 0718 Southampton-Lymington Pier

A 35-minute scenario for the South Western Main Line – Southampton to Bournemouth route.

The scenario is set in March 1987 and uses WTT information from the period. Other online sources and Ian Allen ABCs have been used to replicate correct numbering and services. 4BIG and 4CIG units are used in place of 4REP and 4TC units.

Requirements are as follows:

South Western Main Line – Southampton to Bournemouth
BR Class 421 ‘4CIG’
BR Class 422 ‘4BIG’
BR Class 423 ‘4VEP’
European Loco and Asset Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
Class 205 Disel Electric Multiple Unit Pack
Class 421/422/423 Sound Pack
Class 47 Sound Pack
Mk1 Coach Pack Vol 1
Mk2D-F Coach Pack

Nattydredd Class 47 Large Logo and Class 47 Rf Large Logo: Nattydredd

Install the scenario as follows:
1. Unzip the downloaded file.
2. Move the ‘Contents’ folder into your ‘Railworks’ root folder.
The scenario will be listed on the Standard Scenarios tab.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any alleged damage caused to your system or installation by this package.

Michael Willis
11 March 2021