(RP) 1S19 Plymouth-Glasgow Sleeper. 1993

(RP) 1S19 Plymouth-Glasgow Sleeper. 1993

12th March 2021 0 By Robin Price

Route Needed
Western Mainlines, Just Trains

Track Covered


Requirements Needed

Vulcan Productions
InterCity Motorail Coaches
BR Class 47 in InterCity Swallow livery (This can be found under Diesel (rfletcher72) on Vulcan Productions site)

Backdated TrainSim
Rail Express Systems Class 47/7 Pack
NSE Revised Class 47 Pack

Virgin Trains First Generation Pack
After the withdrawal of the Virgin Trains packs from Steam, the last place the 47 pack might be available to buy is below:
This hasn’t been tested personally so if you are unsure, contact HumbleBundle first.
Class 159 Pack 01
Class 67

Addon (For the TPO Vans)

Alan Thomson Simulation
Class 150/2 LED Headlights
HST Cab & Lights Enhancement Pack (HD 1080p & UltraHD 4K) – v5.0

I think that’s it. Please accept my sincere apologies if i have forgotten something.

Tonight driver, You will be driving 47805 and load 9 on 1S19, 21:00 Plymouth to Glasgow Sleeper. Your max speed is 80MPH. Your calling points will be, Plymouth, Newton Abbot, Exeter St Davids, Taunton, And Bristol. Please note. When you get to Bristol, You will need to detach your loco and go and pick up the two Motorail vans that are sitting in the siding. You will need to go just beyond the points that lead back into the Up Through, In real life there is a shunt signal. Once you have picked them two Motorail Vans up, Repeat the procedure that you have just done but this time heading back to platform 3, Where you will attach the vans to the rest of the train. There are instructions when you get to bristol. Unfortunately i am no good at putting markers in, Anyway. Enjoy.