The Double Headed Panniers

The Double Headed Panniers

14th March 2021 0 By stephen bell

On the 19th of November 2011,7752 (running as London Transport L94) ran her first mainline tour since overhaul.She double headed with 9600.The pair ran from
Tyseley Warwick Road to Leicester.In this scenario you will be driving 7752 from Sheet Stores Junction to Leicester.

You will need the following:

Just Trains
Midland Mainline+all of the extensions
Class 222 Meridian

GWR Pannier Tanks
Bossman Games Black Five
EWS Class 66 V2
Freightliner Class 66 V2
Settle to Carlisle
Class 170
DTG European Community Asset Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse
MK1 Coach Pack
MK2 A-C Coach Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
JNA-C Wagon Pack
Class 156 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
Class 170 Enhancement Pack
Class 43 (VP185)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack (not essential)