[M.A] 2K44 1636 London Victoria to West Croydon

[M.A] 2K44 1636 London Victoria to West Croydon

14th March 2021 4 By Michael Allen

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On a thundery spring afternoon, plod your way from London Victoria out through the suburbs to West Croydon on a stopping service. You have a pair of 455s for the task. On arrival at West Croydon you will shunt into platform 3 ready for the return journey.

Essential Requirements:
South London Network
Chatham Main Line
ECML London – Peterborough
Portsmouth Direct Line – London Waterloo to Portsmouth
DTG Southeastern Class 465
DTG Southern Class 455/8
DTG Class 170
DTG Class 378
AP Class 456
AP Class 319 Vol. 1
AP Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 465/466 Enhancement Pack Vol. 1
AP Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack

AP Class 455 Sound Pack
AP Weather Pack