(RP) 2C69/2U14 Bristol&Taunton&Bristol Castle set (2020)

(RP) 2C69/2U14 Bristol&Taunton&Bristol Castle set (2020)

25th October 2020 3 By Robin Price

South Western Expressway By just trains

2Hrs 15Mins

Medium Fog to clear

Requirements Needed
Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43 MTUEP
Class 158ep

Class 801 Pack 01

Class 159 Pack 01

Major Wales Design
Class 43 Revamp

Alan ThomsonSim
HST: Great Western Railway ‘Sticker Express
HST: Great Western Railway 43093 ‘Old Oak Common’
HST: Great Western Railway ‘Welshman’
Mk3 Sliding Door Pack
HST Improvement Patch
Class 220/221 (JT) – Updated Consists
Class 221 Sound Mod
HST Cab & Lights Enhancement Pack (HD 1080p & UltraHD 4K) – v5.0
Class 800 Acceleration Tweak

Class 800
Class 166fgw
Class 166gwr

Just Trains

I think that’s it. Please accept my apologies if i have forgotten something.

Morning driver, Your task today is to drive 2C69 to Taunton from Bristol-temple-Meads, and 2U14 from Taunton back to Bristol-temple-Meads. Your traction today is a castle set HST. Please remember to change ends at Taunton, and feel free to make yourself a cup of tea, as you have a 15min wait at Taunton before you return. Due to covid, There isn’t a lot out on the line, and the weather starts of foggy, but soon clears. Thanks for downloading and playing. Take care.