The Tale of The Sunday Engineers (IOW)

The Tale of The Sunday Engineers (IOW)

24th October 2020 0 By Factory99

Its an unconventional Sunday on the IOW as you are operating a Class 37 ballast train on the full stretch from Ryde Pier to Shanklin!

In terms of a scenario, its not real and its not very good either. Pretty boring if you ask me, but the Class 37 does get to be throttled up a good few times along the way. Apart from that, prepare for a rather disappointing half an hour.

In order for this scenario to function correctly you must own:

Isle of Wight Railway – Steam (TS1 NOT TSW)
WCML Trent Valley – Steam
Class 37 Volume 1 Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
JNA-C Wagon Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
Sky & Weather EP – Armstrong Powerhouse

Track EP – Armstrong Powerhouse


A full manual is contained within the download including a guide to installation.