(RP) 1B45 11:30 Paddington-Penzance (Cornish Riviera) 1979

(RP) 1B45 11:30 Paddington-Penzance (Cornish Riviera) 1979

25th October 2020 0 By Robin Price

Route and Requirements Needed
South Western Expressway Just Trains

South Western Expressways to Reading V1.1

The Berks and Hants (Can be found at Vulcan Productions)

2Hrs 2Mins

Fair Day

Armstrong Powerhouse
BR MK1 Pack 01
BR MK2 Pack 01
BR MK2 Pack02
Class 31 EP
Class 33p
Class 37 Pack01
Class 43 VALEP
Class 47p
Class 50 Pack 01 + unrefurbished class 50
HAA Wagon Pack 01
Weather EP

Virgin Pack 01 (Discontinued)
Class 31Pack 02
Class_45 Pack 01

Class 08 Pack 01
Class 33 Pack 01
British Rail Class 101

Major Wales Design
Class 43 Revamp Pack

PGA – HGA ZFA ‘Gunnel

Class 58 pack 01
Class 58 Pack 02

Just Trains

TEA Wagon Pack 01

Vulcan Productions
45104 The Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers
BR Blue Class 47 Pack (Pre 1985)
BR Blue Class 45/46

If i have forgotten something, Then please accept my sincere apologies.

Its 1979, And not long before the Hst takes over from diesel engines. (The last locomotive hauled Cornish Riviera ran on 5 August 1979) You are tasked to take a class 50 from Reading, Non-stop to Exeter St Davids. Due to 1978 being a hot summer, You will be diverted via Westbury, As the main line is closed for emergency repairs. So driver, For one last time. Take unrefurbished 50009 and 10 coaches down and over the Berkshire/Wiltshire/Somerset and devon scenery and hills.

A little note when playing
When you get to Exeter St Davids, You will need to stop just before the 10car stop. Failure to do this will result in doors not opening, And you setting back.

Thanks for playing and downloading. Just for the record, I was 4 years old when this actually run, And the date was looking at for this scenario was 15.07.1979. Some trains are made up, but some trains have been taken from various sites around the internet, and are proper headcoded for that day. I do hope you enjoy it. Take care.