KH007 | The Olympia Shuttle – S7 Stock District Line

KH007 | The Olympia Shuttle – S7 Stock District Line

9th April 2019 1 By Kieran Hendy

-Note- You might have to tab (Request To Pass At Red) some signals in this scenario.
-Note- Do not SPAD the signal when LEAVING High Street Kensington. There is an AI train scheduled infront of your train.
-Note- There is no district line destination displays available at this time so this journey does not use district line displays. This is also an S8 Stock just with 1 less coach so it does not have the S7 seating layout.

Today you will be driving a S7 Stock on the distirct line between High Street Kensington and Kensington Olympia.

Everything marked ‘*’ is optional and should not affect the gameplay of the route if you do not have it.

[Generic Requirements]

Just Trains S8 Advanced
North London Line*
Class 378 (Comes With NLL)*

[Armstrong Powerhouse Requirements]

AP Class 377 Sound Pack*
AP Wherry Lines (Only used for foggy weather)

Let me know if you find any issues. Thanks.