1D13 Llandudno Jct – Holyhead

1D13 Llandudno Jct – Holyhead

9th April 2019 1 By Michael Craig

My second, and hopefully final attempt at uploading this scenario. My apologies to all those who wasted their time trying to download the original broken version!

Drive an ATW 158 on the final leg of its journey from Birmingham International to Holyhead. You’ll be taking over at Llandudno Junction, stopping at all stations to Bangor before a nonstop run across Anglesey to Holyhead. The timetable is very tight but it is based on real times. It is set in the Summer of 2017, in the last days of Arriva Trains Wales.

North Wales Coastal Holyhead Extension
AP158 (and it’s dependants)
AP175 (and it’s dependants)*
AP Weather Enhancement*

*not required for scenario to run, just for added depth