[OTS] 2M33 1305 Cardiff-Liverpool

[OTS] 2M33 1305 Cardiff-Liverpool

22nd August 2020 4 By Mark Walker

[OTS] 2M33 1305 Cardiff-Liverpool

Drive 37046 from Crewe to Liverpool whilst working 2M33 13:05 Cardiff-Liverpool Lime St on Sunday 30th May 1993.

52 minutes


Route Used:
West Coast Midlands and North West Phase 2

WCML North
WCML Over Shap
Virgin First Generation Pack*
Class 86
Class 303*
Class 159 Network South East
BR Class 31

West Coast Midlands and North West Phase 2

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 37 Pack Vol.1*
Class 37 Pack Vol.2
Class 90/Mk3 DVT (Plus Extra Stock Downloads)
Class 86 Enhancement Pack
Mk2 D-F Pack
Mk2 A-C Pack
Class 150/2*
Class 158/159 Cummins Enhancement Pack
Class 142*
Class 31 Enhancement Pack

Backdated Trainsim
Class 47 RES Reskins
Class 47 Parcels Reskins

DP Simulation
Class 303 BR Blue Grey GMPTE (Rfletcher72)*

Vulcan Productions
RFletcher 72 – Inter City Swallow Class 47

*Denotes Non Essential Requirement (but recommended for intended experience)

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