2L72 17:33 Nottingham to Leicester

2L72 17:33 Nottingham to Leicester

7th September 2020 1 By Cactus732

In order to recover the diagram of 156406 that failed at Cottingham on a Leicester to Lincoln service, EMR have called you in to drive 153357 from Nottingham to Leicester on the remainder of 2L72 that had been due to start at Lincoln Central.

Scenario Route: JT Midland Mainline DNL
Scenario Length: 1hr


JT Class 153 + Majorwales Revamp Pack + Majorwales EMR Reskin
AP Class 156
AP Class 158 Perkins EP + Clowes (ATS) Ex-EMT Reskin
AP VP185 HST EP + VP EMT 11 Years + Majorwales HST Revamp Pack
AP Class 66EP + BodgeitTMD (ATS) Freightliner Pack
AP Class 37 Volume 1
AP Class 375/377EP
AP JPA Wagons
DTG Class 70
JT Class 60 Advanced + BH Reskins Class 60 Pack
JT Meridian

Optional Statics

AP JHA Wagons
AP JXA/POA Wagons + Chris Horsfield (ATS) Ermewa Tarmac Reskin
AP Class 86EP
AP Class 56EP
AP Class 91EP + Clowes (ATS) VTEC/LNER Reskins (Most recent version with Europhoenix Reskin)
AP Class 170EP + VP Cross Country Variants