NS In The Valley Corridor (Scenario Pack)

NS In The Valley Corridor (Scenario Pack)

16th February 2019 0 By BiteSizeScenarios

This pack of 11 scenarios are for the Just Trains Valley Corridor Route.
You will be driving a variety of different trains, mostly in passenger runs, covering the entire route length in a variety of times of day and weather conditions.
As the pack name suggests, the basic concept behind this pack is that Nederland Spoorwegen have taken control of the Valley Corridor route, so all of the stock is what you would find on the Dutch networks.

I’ve always found Dutch Freeware routes an absolute pain to get working properly due to the apparent masses of assets required for them, many of which are actually quite hard to get, so created these scenarios for the fictional Valley Corridor route to give somewhere for those who have the same frustrations to drive their Chris Trains stock.

The scenarios vary in length from 12 minutes to 56 minutes, with most of them falling somewhere in between.

(NB. I have updated the archive, the initial upload only included 1 of the 11 scenarios, relatively new to using RW Tools and didn’t realise bulk selecting to add to a package didn’t work, so if you only got 1 of the scenarios redownload and you should get the rest!)

To play these scenarios you will need the following:
Just Trains Valley Corridor Route
(available from https://www.justtrains.net/ and https://alanthomsonsim.com/)

ALL of the following from Chris Trains https://www.christrains.com/ (All trains also available from https://www.justtrains.net/)
Stadler Flirt 3
NS SLT Sprinter
NS Mat64
NS mP3000
NS Traxx 186 + ICRmh wagons

and the following FREE Reskin pack from Chris Trains https://www.christrains.com/
NS mP3000 PTT Paint Pack