[KH] 2V66 1335 London Charing Cross to Hayes (Kent)

[KH] 2V66 1335 London Charing Cross to Hayes (Kent)

21st January 2023 6 By Kieran Harvey

On the 20th January 2023 take this service, 2V66 1335 London Charing Cross to Hayes (Kent), from London Charing Cross to Hayes (Kent) via Lewisham. Bit of traffic from London to Lewisham causing a loss of a minute or two but by the time you reach Hayes you should be back on time.

There is currently a signalling issue at Hayes IRL which means calling on signals are being used to signal trains into and out of Hayes, on the approach to Hayes you’ll hear a General Broadcast through the GSM-R to remind you of this. Unfortunately the route currently does not have the correct signal protecting Hayes so instead of a calling on signal please take the theatre box being lit as authoirty to proceed. In the future if the signal is corrected the marker has been set up correctly to use it automatically.


Route: Southeastern Network SEML – Mid-Kent & Bromley North

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 170 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies*
Class 375 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
Class 377/387/379 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies*
Class 465 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
Class 700/707/717 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
Signal Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack*

Daniel Leach:
Class 376 Southeastern Reskin (Class 378)

Class 70
Class 378

Richard Fletcher:
MJA Wagon GBRf Blue Reskin

CR4000 Tram (ID 27013)*

Vulcan Productions:
Class 6678X Biffa Reskin + Dependencies

*Not essential to core running of scenario (but will reduce AI).