[KH] 2F66 2006 Sevenoaks to London Charing Cross

[KH] 2F66 2006 Sevenoaks to London Charing Cross

22nd January 2023 7 By Kieran Harvey

On 13th January 2023 you are in charge of driving this 8 Car BREL Networker formation from Sevenoaks to London Charing Cross. Approach controls are set up as per real drive from experience. There is a lot of traffic in the London Bridge area and making it work on the old layout was hard, but no trains to my knowlege ended up omitted so enjoy!

Route: Southeastern Network SEML – Mid-Kent & Bromley North

TSR & ESR Equipment (WAGN Team)*

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 37 Pack Volume 2*
Class 170 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies*
Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
Class 465 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
Class 700/707/717 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack*
Signal Enhancement Pack

Danny Leach:
Class 376 Southeastern Reskin (Class 378)

Class 378 (Also available in North London Line routes)

Fastline Simulation:
EWS Sea Urchin Pack (Steam version, used for TSR/ESR equipment)*

Tamper Pack*

*Not essential but will result in less static stock and AI.