(WJ) 1Y44 10:10 Mallaig to Glasgow Queen Street (2 Parts) V 1.1

(WJ) 1Y44 10:10 Mallaig to Glasgow Queen Street (2 Parts) V 1.1

20th January 2023 2 By WelshyJim

This is a two part scenario covering 1Y44’s Journey from Mallaig to Glasgow Queen Street.
Part 1 will take you from Mallaig to Crianlarich where the unit’s will be attached to the Oban portion to head into Glasgow. There are two different versions of part 1, as you are scheduled to pass the Jacobite at Glenfinnan, I have made one version with the Black 5 hauling the service but for those that don’t have that loco, I have also made a version where it is swapped out for a 37.
Part 2 will then take you from Crianlarich to Glasgow Queen Street. You will likely meet a delayed service in front of you on the North Clyde section of the line, so please don’t tab any signals unless instructed.

The requirements for these scenarios are:

Armstrong Powerhouse:
156 Pack
Mk1’s (Part 1 only)
Mk2’s (Part 1 only)
Class 37 Pack (Part 1 only)
HAA Wagons (Part 1 only)
150/2 Pack (Part 2 only)
321 Pack (Part 2 only)
314/315 Pack (Part 2 only)
303 Sound Pack (Part 2 only)
158 EP (Part 2 only)
Weather EP

Bossman Games:
8F pack
Black 5

Victory Works:
K1 Peppercorn

Just Trains:

Suburban Glasgow wesbite:
Unrefurbished 303 reskin pack by Alistar Cowell

WCML Over Shap
West Highland Line Full and its dependencies (Available on the workshop)

The Bossman Games and Victory works requirements are only needed if you drive the steam hauled version of part 1.

Change Log:
V 1.1:
Changed incorrectly numbered 156
Changed incorrect livery on a 303

That should be everything for these scenario’s. Thank you for downloading it and I hope you enjoy them.
Any feedback welcome.

Credit to the thumbnail goes to Intercity125 and thank you to those who tested the scenarios for me.