[JWT] 2L83 18.26 Leicester to Nottingham EMT

[JWT] 2L83 18.26 Leicester to Nottingham EMT

13th February 2021 0 By Jack Clemens

[JWT] 2L83 18.26 Leicester to Nottingham.


Drive an early evening stopping service from Leicester to Nottingham. You are driving an East Midlands Trains class 156 for this trip. This scenario has been created using RTT and 2019 East Midlands Trains timetables. *There are TWO variations of the same scenario included SUMMER is dated 03.05.19 and AUTUMN is dated 28.10.19 – this is the same May to December 2019 Timetable but set in BST and GMT times so you can drive which season you prefer (I personally prefer the Autumn) There are slightly different weather patterns so the scenarios have their own individuality, but the timetable is exactly the same.


Duration: 50 mins
Year: 2019
Season: Summer + Autumn
Weather: Cloud + Mist (with Showers which differ slightly between both scenarios)


AP class 156
AP class 37 vol.1 (static only)
AP class 43 VP185 EP
AP class 158 Perkins+Cummins EP
AP Sky & Weather EP

JT class 222
JT ZZA Snowplough (free / static only)
JT MML + Derby, Nottingham, Leicester extension.

Fastline Simulations TSR equipment


This is packaged to a .RWP file.


*This scenario was created on the recently updated 11.02.21 Just Trains MML + extensions*

*Also, I have the Erewash extension installed on my PC*

I appreciate any feedback as I am new to creating scenarios. Thank you for downloading, have fun!