5Z26 1716 Fratton CSD to Portsmouth Harbour (Fictional)

5Z26 1716 Fratton CSD to Portsmouth Harbour (Fictional)

13th February 2021 2 By Adam Haigh

Today you’re on a short driver training run from Fratton CSD to Portsmouth Harbour. Start the unit from cold, couple to another 411 unit in the depot before heading down to the harbour – dividing at Portsmouth & Southsea.

Short 20-minute scenario for the Portsmouth Direct Line (Waterloo – Portsmouth).

– Portsmouth Direct (Waterloo – Portsmouth).

Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):
– Class 411/412;
– Class 450 EP;
– Class 158 (Perkins) EP;
– Weather EP;
– Class 377 EP.

I don’t have the relevant WTT for the era (I went with 2005), so I used today’s (2021-02-12) timetable and used era-appropriate stock. Also, don’t worry with the CSR setup.