[JWC] 2P28 17.15 Penzance – Plymouth

[JWC] 2P28 17.15 Penzance – Plymouth

10th February 2022 2 By Jack Clemens

[JWC] 2P28 17.15 Penzance – Plymouth

It’s Saturday 05/02/2022 and there are weekend engineering works East of Plymouth. GWR are operating an hourly service between Penzance and Plymouth in each direction (East and West) with an additional 1715hrs Eastbound service for weekend workers and shoppers. 800 008 has been brought into action for this additional service.

Afternoon Driver – Prepare 800 008 from cold here at Long Rock T&RSMD. You will then form 5P28 16+55 Long Rock T&RSMD – Penzance (Platform 4). On arrival at Penzance please change ends and allow passengers to board. Your Guard will also join the train at Penzance – forming service 2P28 17.15 Penzance to Plymouth. Don’t forget to change the Destination Display. Speed Limit in the Depot is 5mph. Change to Guard Operation/SDO at Penzance. You will need to select Guard Operation/SDO for today’s journey (Ctrl+R).

Now the train has been cleared of customers – you can shut 800 008 down. It will stable here overnight and run back to Penzance in the morning as 1C70 10.01 Plymouth – Penzance.


Just Trains – Western Mainlines + Devon + Cornwall Extensions

Armstrong Powerhouse:
800-803 EP
Valenta/MTU/VP185 EP
150/2 DMU pack
Sky/Weather EP

800 008 GWR #Pride Livery
Jake Fuller JT Track/Sky Patch.

Simply drag and drop the Content folder to your Railworks Directory to install this scenario. Enjoy!