Extract Missing RouteProperties.xml Script V2.0

Extract Missing RouteProperties.xml Script V2.0

28th February 2019 5 By ozdazz

This is a simple and quick PowerShell script which will extract any missing RouteProperties.xml files so that the routes will appear in RWTools.

Unzip the contents of the downloaded file into your Railworks/Content/Routes folder.

There are two scripts – one to show if you have missing RouteProperties.xml files and one to extract them. Both scripts will create a text file report so you can see what is missing and what has been extracted.

There is a readme which has instructions, but for those in a hurry – right click on the ExtractRouteProperties.ps1 file and select ‘Run with PowerShell”.

I have updated this in version 2 to include the route names in the Extract report, and to add an additional script to display all your route folders and the English Display name for the route.

Please provide feedback if you found this useful or have had any issues with it.