[1V52] Glasgow Central to Paignton | Class 43 MTU

[1V52] Glasgow Central to Paignton | Class 43 MTU

8th December 2020 2 By Josh_A99

In this scenario, you’ll be taking Class 43384 (2+7 set HST) to operate train 1V52, the Delayed 1218 service from Glasgow Central to Paignton. Running around 30 minutes late, complete the last leg of this Cross Country service from the North. As the line is busy today, you’ve been planned an 4-minute wait at Dawlish and you should expect to run wrong line for part of the journey to allow a GWR service to overtake.

Year set: 2016
Weather: Summer + Clouds
Operators: Cross Country, Great Western Railway

Duration: 58 mins
Difficulty: Medium

Riviera Line (Paignton to Exeter) – Steam
Class 43 (MTU) – Armstrong Powerhouse + all associated requirements
Class 150/2 – Alan Thomson Sim
Class 142 – Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 150/2 FGW Plain Blue reskin – Superalbs