2Z15 1130 Exeter St Davids-Paignton (Semi Fictional)

2Z15 1130 Exeter St Davids-Paignton (Semi Fictional)

18th November 2020 0 By WesternPathfinder

A scenario for DTG’s Riviera Line, using up-to-date timings but backdated to the FGW era. Following the failure of a unit at Exeter Central, a spare 158 has been called in to take the stranded passengers from Exeter St Davids down to Paignton.

Mk1 Pack
Class 150/1 EP*
Class 158 EP (Cummins)*
Class 43MTU EP*
Class 150/2*
Weather EP

Class 150/1*
North Somerset Railway
Bristol to Swansea

EU Loco and Asset Pack*

Major Wales:
Class 158 ‘Plawwie’*
Class 143 revamp pack (And associated requirements)*
Class 43 revamp pack*

Class 159*
Class 70*
Riviera Line*
Settle to Carlisle*

Golden Goldsmith:
BOTH P&DSR stock packs

Class 70 Colas Rail Reskin*
Network Rail JNA Reskin

Items starred are essential for the scenario to work, with the remaining requirements being for static stock only.
To download, either install the RWP using railworks tools, or extract the RWP and copy/paste the contents into your Railworks directory.

Please let me know if there are any issues with the scenario or download. Hopefully this should be an enjoyable run along the Riviera.