5F37 20:39 Liverpool Lime Street – Allerton Depot ECS

5F37 20:39 Liverpool Lime Street – Allerton Depot ECS

28th February 2019 2 By Ben Wright

A late evening run between Liverpool Lime Street and Allerton Depot on an ECS. There are still a few services running but they shouldn’t affect you!

The scenario RWP file and a readme is included in the zip file.


AP Class 319 Vol. 1
Liverpool – Manchester
AP Class 150/2
AP Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack
Class 390 (old)
AP Class 350 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 142

TrainSimDesigns Class 150/1 Ex FGW Northern – https://alanthomsonsim.com/?download=class-150-1-ex-fgw-northern


AP Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack

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If you do wish to download my scenario, I hope you enjoy it!