ex-Class 25 ETHEL Pack

ex-Class 25 ETHEL Pack

19th November 2021 1 By WatsonPD

This pack represents the 3 Class 25s that being converted to ETHELs to provide power for mk3 coaches before Class 37/4s entered into service. And later being used with steam charters.

Contains 3 locos:
97250 in BR Blue & Grey livery
97251 in IC livery
97252 in IC livery

Because these locos were used to provide ETH power to carriages and unable to move by themselves,
so I modified the following:
-Cab view removed
-RPM set to 500 (Don’t know if it’s real,but it sounds good)

DTG BR Blue Pack 01
DPS Class 25 Domino Patch https://dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72locomotives.html