East Midlands Railway Class 360

East Midlands Railway Class 360

8th October 2022 11 By Clowes

This is a triple reskin pack of the Class 360 into the East Midlands Railway liveries. EMR (Painted), EMR (Vinyl) and EMR (Blue) examples are depicted with their various visual differences.

What’s Included?
Pretty much everything, read the manual! Various child objects, numbers, logos, non-multi stickers, PreLoads…
We’ve also made some serious improvements to driving – including the standardisation of some keyboard commands, physics redo to be more inline with other AC Desiro units and VisualAlerts for AWS/DVD when outside the cab – no more missing that DVD!

Great Eastern Main Line (GEML)
Optional: AP Class 350/360/444/450 Sound Pack (Discontinued) or if you don’t have the Sound Pack, this

A manual is included with the full pack details and instructions you need, please read it carefully!

BodgeItTMD – Child objects, research, scripting, manual format, batch amends
Jake Fuller – Providing the last bit of script (numbers, VisualAlerts)
A guy – Remodelling the DMOC windows for us to use

2022/10/09 1100 – V1.01 | Amended batch file to pull original scripts from .ap file. No need to redownload if you had V1.0 working correctly.