1B74 1055 Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes (2015)

1B74 1055 Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes (2015)

7th October 2022 0 By nymr1

You join 185106 at Manchester Piccadilly, forming the 1055 (1B74) Service from Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes, and you will be driving to Sheffield via The Hope Valley.

(Just note this is only my second ever scenario that I have released so it may not be up to the standards of other scenario developers)


ATS/Imbue Class 185 Pack (Plus Extra Stock Pack)

AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 142 Pack
AP Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 156 Pack
AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack
AP Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack
AP Class 170 Enhancement Pack
AP Wherry Lines Route

Any Route that includes the ATS Common Library – Chat Moss, KLKGX, Missing Link, etc.

DTG Birmingham Cross City Route (Steam)
DTG Settle and Carlisle Route (Steam)

Just Trains Class 153 Pack
Just Trains Midland Mainline Hope Valley Extension
Just Trains Meridian 222 2019 Pack
Just Trains Voyager 2019 Pack

Major Wales Class 142 Revamp Pack
Major Wales Class 153 Revamp Pack

S9BL Class 390 EMU Add-On (Steam)

Class 222 Destination Upgrade by Clowes (ATS)
Class 323 Northern Rail by Olli35 (ATS)
Northern Destinations Pack (DMU) by Chris Horsfield (ATS)
Settle Carlisle HTA Hopper Repaints by Richard Fletcher (ATS)
VP InterCity Motorail Coaches by Ben Yates (Vulcan Productions)