Desiro’s Working Together

Desiro’s Working Together

19th October 2020 0 By still_guns

It’s a very busy day for SWR, requiring a 2 unit trainset for your journey today.

However owing to a train failure, what was planned to be an 8-carriage 450 working, now sees you taking a 9-carriage 450+444 working from Bournemouth, stopping at most stations on the way to Southampton.

This scenario is also available on Steam Workshop.

Scenario Requirements:
Southhampton – Bournemouth
PDL Waterloo – Portsmouth for 444 + 450
Chatham Mainline or Chatham and Medway Valley for 377

Class 442 with SWR reskin (requires AP 442 sound pack)
AP Class 444/450 EP
AP Class 375/377 EP
Network Southeast Class 159
AP Class 158/159 EP