Class 67 / MK3 DVT & Carriages Modification

Class 67 / MK3 DVT & Carriages Modification

27th July 2020 3 By Rhodri Williams

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In this Modification pack, the following amendments have been done:
– Changing the horn of the DVT (For AP’s DVT from the Class 90 pack available from their website)
– Changing the engine sounds of the Class 67 (for notches 3 – 7 without electric train heating
enabled; notches 1 – 7 with electric train heating enabled)
– Upgrading the Central Door locking exterior lights for the MK3 carriages to LED lights (as reality)
– Adding a passenger view (heads out) to every MK3 ATW / TfW TSOs.
– Adding the Class 158 Enhancement Pack bogie sounds (joints and flange) to all: 67, DVT, MK3
– Replaced yellow lightbox with black lightbox on the included 67 reskin from MJW’s reskin

Without the support of certain people, this would not been available to you, the general public. My
special thanks are dedicated to:
– Cody Sayle (For looping the horn for the DVT, which does sound amazing!)
– Major Wales Designs (For giving me permission to redistribute his MK3 carriages bin files and
DVT reskin to apply the changes as following)
– Arriva Trains Wales (at the time for giving the toots from the DVT, as well as revving the 67 😉 )

UPDATE 1: Added the missing decals on some carriages back, as well as adding the textures of the TSO for both the interior as well as exterior, so avoiding the step of copying and renaming, as well as adding the sound for notch 7 and updating the 6th notch sound.