Class 442 Destinations Patch

Class 442 Destinations Patch

18th July 2020 0 By spongebot64

AP Class 442 Destinations Patch – spongebot64


This is a texture fix for the passenger destination blinds on DTG’s Class 442 ‘Wessex’ add-on. Included in this are TGPCDX files that replace the default ones for Gatwick Express and Vulcan Production’s South Western Railway pack.

Please be aware that this is a work in progress, despite the way it looks. There isn’t much reference as far as I could see as to how the dot-matrix text looks, so have had to approximate lesser used letters and other symbols. Suggestions and found reference would be highly welcome. Furthermore, blinds with long destinations tend to reappear immediately – this is due to the little blank space left and, without finding how to lengthen each texture (which is probably impossible) they will scroll unlike how they would in real life.



Install “Assets” to root RailWorks folder and let it overwrite.

The full folder tree is: “Assets\DTG\Class442Pack01\RailVehicles\Electric\Class442\DTS\Texture\Destinations”
…\DTS_body\Texture\Destinations” (this has extra destinations for the VP SWR pack)

TOCs updated: Gatwick Express & South Western Railway (Vulcan Productions pack)



DTG – “Gatwick Express Class 442 ‘Wessex’ EMU Add-On”:

Armstrong Powerhouse – “Class 442 Sound Pack (Pro)”:

AND (recommended but not required)

Vulcan Productions “South Western Railway Class 442”