5Z15- 0853- Craigentinny T&R.S.M.D- Bounds Green T&R.S.M.D.

5Z15- 0853- Craigentinny T&R.S.M.D- Bounds Green T&R.S.M.D.

18th July 2020 2 By CWilson4747

UPDATE: PLEASE BE AWARE BEFORE DOWNLOADING! There is an on-going issue with the Class 91s Blunt end in this scenario causing it to rock at high speeds, this is especially bad in corners, myself and Alan are working on a fix for this, however the scenario is still playable albeit it may feel like a Force 9 gale from the cab! I recommend running it in third person (Number 2 cam) for the most enjoyment at this current time! Apologies for any inconvenience, hopefully we will get it fixed soon!


With the Class 91s withdrawal underway and due to the Covid-19 pandemic only a handful of 91 diagrams are operated, and by November (possibly September not 100% sure!) all 91s will operate on York and Leeds diagrams meaning that there will be no more 91s north of the border. With a few 91s still venturing north
into Scotland it would be typical for one to break down at Craigentinny, when the DVT’s battery was flat causing no power to be drawn to the 91. As a solution LNER put a double headed 91 service on an Edinburgh diagram so 91105 was in place to take the failed set back down to Bounds Green running blunt end first.

You will be taking the service on the second leg of the journey, having just taken over from another driver at Newcastle you will take the set as far as York where another driver will take over. The service is already running 108 minutes behind schedule due to being late out of Craigentinny, however, you will not be able to gain any of that time back as problems on the line during the scenario will only delay you further.

A Sync keys is recommended for this scenario as there is some delays, however it is in keeping to the real life service, which can be found here: https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/38267/2020-07-15/detailed as is the AI throughout.

Scenario Length: 110 minutes


DPS East Coast Mainline- North East

Rolling Stock:
Class 91 EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)
VTEC/LNER Intercity 225 Pack (Alan Thomson Sim)
LNER Class 800 Azuma Reskin (Alan Thomson Sim)
TransPennine Express Class 802 Reskin (Simvue)
Fuller Simulations Class 185 Pack (Alan Thomson Sim)
JustTrains Voyager (JustTrains)
Class 180 Revamp Pack (Major Wales Design)
Class 170 EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 170 Arriva Northern Reskin (Major Wales Design)
Class 66 EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)*
Class 37 Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)*

Additional Requirements:
Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement (Armstrong Powerhouse)

* denotes stationery stock, not required to run the scenario.

Hope you enjoy the scenario!