Class 323 Sound Pack

Class 323 Sound Pack

25th March 2021 37 By stevegreen

UPDATED 02/10/2021 to work in the DTG Cross City update.


DTG Cross City addon (v2)
AP class 365 EP
AP class 390 EP

– I have reconfigured the initial ‘UFO’ space invader sounds, to be loops rather than one shots (you’ve probably noticed they cut out in the DTG product if you accelerate or brake in anything other than max! These now work prototypically – the speed of the sound depends on the PBC position.


– The transformer hum volume now depends on load

– The fans now depend on reverser rather than PBC

– Bogie and Flange sounds (were missing in the DTG model)

– Somewhat semi – realistic motor sounds, within the limitation of a) my skillset and b) the complex machine that the 323 sounds like.

– Set tail lamps on as default front and rear driving cars

– Reduced intensity of head/tail lamp illumination and recalibrate the direction of headlamps.

– Balanced volume of ambient sounds in the Cross City route & removed Kuju style track sounds.

New in update 3 (02/10/2021)

* Updated to work on the DTG Cross City update that came with TS2022.

New in update 2 (07/04/2021)

* AI doesn’t turn lights off when stopping (Thanks to Matthew Wilson of VP for scripts)

* Reverser detent notches improved over default.

* DRA is set on when you join the cab

New in update on 27/03/2021:

* Spool up of converter fans

* Emergency brake cuts off regenerative brake sounds as per real life

* Balance external train volumes

* High Res LM logo decal, with thanks to ‘ChiefJack’

To install, open the downloaded zip so you see the Assets folder, readme & image. Navigate to your Railworks folder in another window. Drag the assets folder from the to an empty space in your Railworks folder. Overwrite all if asked.

Please note this may, or MAY NOT be an ongoing project. While the motor sounds are (IMHO) a vast improvement on the original, they are in no way perfect but give a ‘feel’ for the 323 rather than an exact representation.

The 323 motors are complex (an understatement) and have many notes and whine sounds which change very rapidly. To create a complete soundscape would mean fully recording a unit with a bogie mic to obtain useable sound loops at constant pitch. It’s possible Mr. Sealey might be able to provide extra sounds, and if so I will update this pack.

I cannot alter the rather quick door speed, nor the way the train powers up slightly before the pan makes contact with the wire.

If you have any modifications or can help improve these files, please contact me on Facebook (I’m a member of ATS group under this name.

Huge thanks to D. Sealey/DTG for original sounds supplied in the folders of the DTG 323, and credit to AP for using the 365 as a base for my blueprints. Hasan & Jack for feedback and testing. Matthew Wilson for scripting the lights, testing, and having the patience to answer my many questions. Cody for authentic 323 AWS audio. Max for aux spool up audio. Jack for HD LM decals.

Known Issues and caveats:

– The scripting with the 323 doesn’t seem to allow the driving car to send non standard TS controller sounds to the rear car (nd) (It’s basic – remember the HST prior to AP, where the trailing power car didn’t work) . This meant there were no motor sounds on the rear car without fudging the existing blueprints…

I’ve had to work around this by sending the reverser and throttle notch to the nd cars. This means if you change ends there will be an internal AWS test horn sounding in the non lead cabs. You can cancel this of course.

– Compressors don’t make sound (same excuse as above??), I’ve temporarily included a complete compressor sound which plays when you’ve stopped :/

– Occasionally the sounds of the rear driving motor car go out of sync. If anyone knows how to fix it, please LMK – I put it down to the throttleandbrake control not sending down the consist properly. For devs I’ve had to use applytoconsist=true to even get sound in the rear car. Scripting issue perhaps at DTG’s side?

Re-skins: you will have to use the train bin blueprints from this, rather than the original DTG version or you’ll just get default sounds and/or no rear car motor sounds.

Video and update news will be @

Steve Green