[BrLocos] NSR Diesel Gala (AP Class 37/0)

[BrLocos] NSR Diesel Gala (AP Class 37/0)

2nd January 2021 0 By BrLocos

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Enjoy a scenic run on the North Somerset Railway with AP´s Class 37/0. There are plenty of awesome diesels to spot on your rainy journey, as it´s the annual diesel gala. As this route hasn´t been completed in real life, the stock used may not be realistic to the area. Starting at Mells Road Shed, start your 37 from cold and head down as an ECS move to Radstock. Then complete and all stations stopper calling at Kilmersdon, Mells Road, Mells, Flower Farm Bridge, and finally Frome Market. Here you will change with another driver that will continue the run out onto the mainline. Hope you enjoy!

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SHG Class 07 [Not very important, only as a static loco]
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BrLocos (Adrian): Development of the scenario
Clearlysxd (Sidney): Testing of the scenario and management of the upload to ATS