1Z53 1000 Glasgow Central to London Euston – Class 390!

1Z53 1000 Glasgow Central to London Euston – Class 390!

2nd January 2021 19 By Adam Forsyth

With the release of the WCML Midlands and Northwest Phase 3, it is now possible to make through scenarios from Glasgow to Euston either via Trent Valley or Birmingham. In regards with the Trent Valley, this can be difficult in the normal timetable as services usually do not stop anywhere between London and Warrungton with limited exeptions. However over the festive period, Avanti West Coast provided additional services to Glasgow from London and a few of these stopped at Rugby, Stafford and Preston, what was required to make a good 4 part scenario. So here it is;

Part 1 is Glasgow to Preston on the WCML North West and Scotland
Part 2 is Preston to Stafford on the WCML Midlands and North West
Part 3 is Rugby to Stafford on the WCML Trent Valley
Part 4 is Rugby to Euston on the WCML South

The service is the 1000 additional service from Glasgow to Euston based on the 29th December whith RTT link here – https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/S40747/2020-12-29/detailed

All AI are done to as real as possible however Scotrail, Northern, Cross Country and all Freight services are running with real life unit/loco numbers and traction that ran those services on that day.

There is a ton of requirements for these scenarios, far too much to list here so they are all in the enclosed Read Me file in the downloads. To be as helpful as possible, I have split these up into each part to allow users to play 1 or 2 parts if they can not or do not want to play the whole thing. I have also labled static AI with a * to show which AI the scenario can run with perfectly fine if missing, when the box pops up in the scenario to say missing stuff, press F2 to cancel it out.

As ever these scenarios have been fully tested, I took great pride in being able to drive from Glasgow to Euston albit in 4 different parts however it is still major piece of mainline that was missing and a great gap to be filled

Anyway I have waffled on for enough now, hope you enjoy these scenarios and if there is any problems with the scenarios or I have missed a requirement or something, please get in touch

Please be aware of the following missed requirements:

Part 2:

Chris Horsfields ATW TfX Class 150 Update
Chris Horsfield ScotRail Class 158/170 Destinations

Change Log:

V1.1 Included a new version of Part 2 which uses the S9BL Class 390 plus other changes to stop dumps (as seen on Alan’s stream). Please be aware if using this extra scenario included, you will additionally require the Class 390 Addon from Steam and the Unbranded and Avanti Half Liveries from Alan Thomson Sim