(BL) GNER 1S07 07:10 Leeds to Aberdeen

(BL) GNER 1S07 07:10 Leeds to Aberdeen

1st February 2022 3 By LangtonPhotography

It’s a beautiful spring morning, and you are down to take a GNER Intercity 125 set through to York, on the first section of the long journey towards Scotland, featuring both a Valenta and an MTU powercar. It should be a clear run, and one to enjoy, with plenty of AI and liveries to look out for.

Please note there are alot of static and in service AI trains, and the requirements are as follows:

Armstrong Powerhouse

*Cummins & Perkins class 158 enhancement packs
And associated requirements
*All class 43 HST enhancement packs are recommended, but only the Valenta and MTU packs are required for the scenario to perform correctly
And associated requirements
Class 150/2 multiple unit pack
Class 321 Multiple unit pack
Class 142 Multiple unit pack
*Class 91/Mk 4 Enhancement pack
*Class 156 multiple unit pack
TDA-D Wagon pack
Sky & Weather enhancement pack
Wherry Lines


Class 153
Class 60

Major Wales Designs

Class 153 revamp
WYTPE Class 155


*Updated Voyager consists
West Yorkshire PTE Class 321 reskin
And associated requirements


Settle – Carlisle

* Required for active AI

This scenario is based around the 2005/2006 period, and inspiration for the scenario was found on flikr, that being said, i don’t have any knowledge in regards to the timetables that were used back in these days, so I have used a more upto date timetable from Realtime Trains for the timetables and AI.