(BL) Northern 5G41 Neville Hill to Newcastle

(BL) Northern 5G41 Neville Hill to Newcastle

1st February 2022 2 By LangtonPhotography


A Northern class 156 has recently paid a visit to Neville hill, and is now required back in the North east. Today you are driving the first portion of its working from Leeds to York.

There are alot of AI as i have based this scenario off a real working, and the requirements are as follows:

Armstrong Powerhouse

*Cummins & Perkins class 158 enhancement packs
(And associated requirements)
Class 150/2 multiple unit pack
Class 91/Mk 4 Enhancement pack
*Class 156 multiple unit pack
Class 168/170/171 enhancement pack
(And associated requirements)
*Class 800 enhancement pack
(And associated requirements)
Sky & Weather enhancement pack
Wherry Lines


*Class 153

Major Wales Designs

*Class 153 revamp pack
*Arriva northern Class 155
Arriva northern class 170


*LNER Tartan Azuma
*Updated Class 220/221 Voyager consists
Northern class 158 varients


Settle – Carlisle

*Required for the scenario to work as intended and AI services

This scenario is based on a run that occurred during October (I think) of 2021, and as there are no class 195 CAF units available in TS yet, class 158s are operational on their services.