(ATS) Kings Lynn – Kings Cross + Peterborough – Cambridge Scenario Pack

(ATS) Kings Lynn – Kings Cross + Peterborough – Cambridge Scenario Pack

22nd May 2022 2 By Chris Willis

This Pack contains 15 Scenarios set around 2019-2021. There is a mixture of traction and stopping patterns, some consists will not be 100% accurate and stock has been swapped where there is nothing available within the game to use but I have kept the Scenarios as realistic as i possibly can.

*Please note these Scenarios have been released priory to the route being updated. Once the update is released an update will also be released for this pack.

Class 180
Class 700
Class 801
Class 66
Class 91 (East Coast)
Class 170
Class 159 (NSE)
East Coast Mainline South
Chatham Mainline
Southampton to Bournemouth
Waterloo to Portsmouth

Class 387 EP
Class 365 EP
CLass 66 EP
CLass 800 EP
Class 700 EP
Class 170 EP
Class 158 (Cummins) EP
Class 317 Pack
Class 444/450 EP
JXA Wagon Pack

Kings Cross to Kings Lynn
Peterborough to Cambridge

Class 20 collection

All Scenarios have been tested and the above list is true to the best of my ability. However, should anything be missing or inaccurate please let me know.

Thanks to Harry Harrison for helping with the creation of some of the scenario and Aaron Smith for testing.